GET 1 AIR MILES® Reward Mile™
for every $10 spent*

On topping up your electric vehicle at a ChargerQuest electric vehicle charging station* Terms Apply

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EV Drivers

EV drivers want consistent, reliable and perfectly placed charging hubs. At ChargerQuest, we are nothing but ordinary.

Standard pricing across the network. No proprietary cards or memberships. Just YOU, your friends, and your EV.

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Host EV Charging

ChargerQuest’s Host Partners are an important part of our network. Join the Electric Vehicle Movement and become a Host Partner TODAY.

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Why ChargerQuest

ChargerQuest is Canada’s electric vehicle charging network. We support local business and EV drivers alike by creating EV charging hubs that promote emission-free travel and sustainable living.


ChargerQuest Network

Building the most robust EV charging network everywhere YOU want to go.

Our Network

Founder Message

“ChargerQuest resolves two significant industry problems related to the lack of charging infrastructure and opportunities for host locations to capitalize from EV owners visiting commercial locations. By introducing innovative EV charging technology, and a robust business model, ChargerQuest has created a winning formula.”

Christopher Misch - Founder and CEO, ChargerQuest