Toronto, ON: ChargerQuest is pleased to announce its partnership with David Suzuki Foundation. This strategic alliance showcases the strong alignment between two organizations that support a clean transportation future and the reduction of harmful emissions. Taking climate action is an important step in Canada’s future. Through collaboration, education and promotion of electric vehicles, David Suzuki Foundation and ChargerQuest can make a positive impact on accelerating Canada’s transition to electric vehicles.


“ChargerQuest is honoured and humbled to partner with David Suzuki Foundation. There is a very strong alignment between ChargerQuest’s mission to support electric vehicle adoption in Canada, and David Suzuki’s environmental initiatives that address climate change. We look forward to supporting David Suzuki Foundation financially, and through collaboration on programs, community engagement, promotional and educational events.” – Christopher Misch, CEO ChargerQuest Inc.


ChargerQuest, a Canadian company, is Canada’s Electric Vehicle Charging Network that deploys innovative smart EV charging stations across Canada, providing EV drivers fast and affordable charging anywhere they go, with the goal of having over 1000 EV charging stations on their network across the country. Local businesses will also benefit from hosting a ChargerQuest charging station, by promoting sustainable travel and attracting new customers. More information about ChargerQuest can be found on their website at


ChargerQuest is Canada’s electric vehicle charging network. We support local businesses and EV drivers alike by creating EV charging hubs that promote emission-free travel and sustainable living.


The David Suzuki Foundation acknowledges Indigenous Peoples throughout Canada. This includes Inuit, Métis and more than 900,000 people living in more than 630 First Nations communities, and in cities and towns across these lands. Always grounded in sound evidence, the David Suzuki Foundation empowers people to take action in their communities on the environmental challenges we collectively face. We’re One Nature.